Director, Java Expert, and Triathlete

Bryan Hansen is a champion. Whatever he decides to do, he excels at. He doesn’t excel because it’s easy, he excels because he works hard. A true champion uses any bump in the road as a stepping stone to propel them forward. That is exactly what Bryan does. 

One of Bryan’s passions is competing in triathlons. There are several qualities of triathletes that make them successful. Bryan has utilized these skills to improve himself in his career and in training for triathlons. 

Internal discipline give a triathlete the drive to train for success. Bryan developed internal discipline early on in his education. After almost completing a CIS degree, Bryan decided he wanted to have more than business experience, he wanted to develop. Switching majors to a CS degree took discipline and self-direction. Instead of looking at the short-term goal almost in reach of graduation, Bryan had the long-term vision of where he wanted to take his career. Following graduation, Bryan had a successful position as a programmer for an advertising agency. Bryan’s determination, consistency and focus allowed him to grow quickly. Bryan’s skill and energy drew him to a start-up company. Big dreams but poor planning led this company to failure – leaving Bryan without work. 

Any triathlete knows how to deal with an obstacle, and Bryan saw this as an opportunity to grow. Bryan looked for a company with similar drive, passion, commitment, and discipline that he had. Joining STG in 2000, Bryan knew he had found a match. 

Elite athletes train every day to become the best at what they do. Bryan took full advantage of the trainings and variety of projects available at STG, and became an elite programmer. Bryan’s enthusiasm for development is infectious. He mentors all those around him, whether they are candidates, clients, or employees. 

Merging his business knowledge with his wealth of development expertise, Bryan rapidly moved into leadership roles at STG. Now, as the director of practice management, Bryan oversees all of our practices. He makes sure all of our employees are receiving the training, development, and mentorship that make STG great. He also helps to architect applications, solve problems, and provide direction for our clients. Because of his work ethic and skill, our clients request him by name. They know the quality of work and help they will receive when he is on a project. 

Mark Allen a six time Ironman champion once said, “Until you face your fears, you don’t move to the other side, where you find the power.” That is exactly what Bryan does – Bryan moves beyond fear, disappointment and excuses. Bryan embodies the true qualities of an athlete: discipline, commitment, the ability to overcome, and the love of what you do. Giving your all and helping to lift those along the way is the sign of a true leader. That is what makes Bryan a true champion developer, mentor, director, triathlete, husband and father. 

We are so glad that he is part of our team and helps us reach further, farther and faster.