QA practice manager, tinkerer, and car enthusiast.

A good QA truly lives by the motto: “leave things better than you found them.” Matt Chiang has always lived by this principle. Matt knows if you want to make something better, you must first understand the thing itself. 

Understanding how something works in order to fix it and make it better started at a young age for Matt. Matt’s love of fixing things led him to learn about automobiles. Repairing, fixing and improving them has become a favorite pastime for him.

When it became time to pick a career, Matt knew his passion for making things better than he found them would lend itself well to QA. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Matt spent several years at large corporations and small startups. He experienced extreme growth and the heartaches of downsizing. Looking for opportunities where he could share his knowledge and skills to help improve software applications, led Matt to STG in 2008. 

Matt is the QA practice manager, helping to run our QA team. Matt helps to grow, train and perform technical evaluations for our employees. Matt is known to our clients as an extremely hardworking and brilliant QA. He doesn’t only understand QA, he understands software development as a whole. In order to help make applications better and to truly release software that works, one must understand the inner workings of the application. That is exactly what Matt does. 

Matt is constantly working to improve his skills as well as helping those around him to grow their abilities. When Matt needs to get away, he finds himself with a fishing pole in his hand. The quite solitude of fishing helps him to rejuvenate and refresh his spirit. 

Matt is dedicated to his work, fixing problems and finding solutions is his passion. Whatever Matt does he leaves it better than he found it. STG is definitely a better company because he is here.