STG attributes our success to the expertise of our people–software architects to development teams to project managers to quality assurance specialists. Most of our staff members are senior-level consultants, with an average experience of over 10 years in software development, and have been with STG for many years. As you can see, all of our employees are talented, motivated, and amazing individuals.

Our consultants are mostly full-time employees of STG. We provide them a comprehensive benefit program, performance and certification incentives, and STG-sponsored training and career development activities. We value our staff of hard-working, talented, experienced, and honest people. We strive to provide an environment and culture that promotes teamwork and maximum performance. Treating our employees with respect creates an atmosphere that fosters the best quality of services and is a direct benefit to you, our customer. Because of our company culture, many of our new hires come from word-of-mouth recommendations and much of our business comes from repeat customers.

STG consultants and staff have the benefit of ongoing professional development and support, as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

Some highlights are:

  1. Mentor program for new hires
  2. Assigned account managers who have frequent contact
  3. Practice managers (Java, Microsoft, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Technical Training)
  4. Ongoing participation in technical conferences
  5. STG-sponsored technical training (some of which clients are invited to attend)
  6. Professional certification support
  7. Lunch and learn seminars
  8. Full kitchen with oven, stove, and free snacks
  9. Bathrooms with shower facilities
  10. Indoor bicycle storage

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