There’s Gold in that thar Data

There’s Gold in that thar Data

  You may have heard the phrase “Data is the new oil” but like oil, data must be refined before it can really be useful. Numeric data is easy to refine – you can add it, sort it, average it, and look for trends. But what about text? How do you add words?   This […]

Agile User Group Meetup at STG

WHO: Michael Bode Presenting on “Lean Agile Coffee Meetup.” WHAT: An Agile User Group Meetup WHEN: February 15, 2017 @ 11:30 am WHERE: The STG Office     Pizza and drinks will be provided. The group collaboration should last around 90 minutes. Feel free to invite your customers.     PLEASE RSVP: Please click here to fill out the […]

Why Website Photography Matters

Author: Geoffrey Sagers   When many companies create their first website, often they look to photography to “fill in” appropriate areas of the website, such as the header within the body. There are many quality stock photography websites, but in almost all cases, your images are not unique to your company or even industry.   So, […]

The Pleasure (and Pain) of Script Upgrades

Author: Geoffrey Sagers   If you are anything like me, you want the latest and greatest. In the area of web development, that can definitely be a double-edged sword. Using only the latest technology you shut out many users who either must use older browser due to corporate restrictions, or choose not to upgrade. One of […]

Automation Hackathon @ STG 2016

by Matt Chiang   “Learning never exhausts the mind.” -Leonardo da Vinci @STG this year, we stayed engaged in learning during the summer by doing a series of automation code challenges.  The code challenges were simple at first and then get more difficult.  Some concepts were easy to grasp.  Others were more difficult.  However, in […]

The Case for the Ugly Duckling: Why the World Needs UX Designers

By Neal Jenks Design Consultant and IxD Practice Manager at Software Technology Group   In a recent blog post, I referred to UX Designers as ugly ducklings. Just like the infamous bird of fairy tale lore, we aren’t much to look at; however, we’ve already done some growing up, we have tons of potential, and […]

BBQ Day?

Author: Bryan Hansen Some companies like to incentivize their employees by having a BBQ day. At STG, we fully support this, but doing the status quo has never been our motto. At STG we have a Bench. I personally like to call it our Dev Center because it really is more than a “bench”. We […]

Style Guides

Author: Daniel Jewel Recently, while working with a client on wrapping up the building of their version 2 UI, it became apparent that not everyone was on the same page on how things should look and behave. The initial re-design of the web app failed when it came to being responsive. There was also a […]

What was that developer thinking?!

Author: Dan Woodruff   Ever had a developer join a team, suggest a radical solution and be shut down? Or have them suddenly be allowed to develop their ideas? I find it fascinating as to how this happens and may have some insight. Each company’s culture, whether they know it or not, has inherent values. For […]

Why STG?

Who are we? Software Technology Group (STG) is a software-consulting firm located in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  STG is a privately owned and operated company, which enables us to make decisions based on the needs of our employees and our clients, not those of shareholders. Founded 20 years ago, STG has maintained the goal […]