Coding HTML Emails

Author: Patricia Johnson Part 1: The Code That Time Forgot Like me, you probably expect that html code is going to display virtually the same in every browser, with a few known exceptions. There are small foibles in rendering between the assorted web browsers, but with every update, those differences become fewer and fewer, and […]

Our Favorite UI/UX Designs of 2015: A Thoroughly Informal and Awesome List

Author: Neal Jenks Design Consultant | IxD Practice Manager   Ah, end-of-year: The time when a young man/woman’s fancy turns to lists. I asked Software Technology Group’s illustrious IxD Practice members to share some of their favorite UX/UI discoveries from the past year. What followed was an entertaining and instructive mixed-bag of websites, apps, and […]

2016 IxD Trends

Author: Neal Jenks   Allow me to wax prophetic. A vibrant, waning year tends to open our imaginations to the unexplored horizons yet to come, and this is especially true of the IxD world.  If the past year has taught us anything, it is that we have absolutely no clue what to expect. But heck… […]

The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Software Engineers

By Quinn Heiner   In this article (which has no relation to Covey’s famous book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, except maybe the number seven), we will take a different approach in our discussion of good habits by first pointing out the bad ones.  By going from ineffective to effective, we will essentially […]

Why Everything I Need to Know about Software Engineering I Learned from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Author: Quinn Heiner Imagine if your software company had an 18-month hiring process for all of its techs, and that your chances of actually getting hired were slim at best (really slim, as in maybe 5%). But no problem, let’s say you get the job!  Great–now for your first project.  You’ll be working with an all-volunteer […]

Shout out for Automation

Author: Matt Chiang What is automation: In the most simplistic term, automation is some type of script that controls an application to do some type of action.  However, there are flaws to this ideology.  The background to automation probably started years ago w/ someone in QA or development when they were doing the same thing […]

Passing Knowledge with Code

Author: Brett Child   As a programmer, sometime or another you will be needed to dig into a legacy system. Whether you’re making changes or maybe trying to rewrite it, you’ll need to understand what’s going on. One of the biggest problems with legacy systems is that there are few to no people who truly […]

Working for the Man vs. Being the Man: The Pros and Cons of Independent Contracting, Full-Time Employment, and Everything in Between

Author: Quinn Heiner   We’ve all heard the well-rehearsed arguments of being a full-time employee for a company versus independent contracting.  With technology careers, this debate becomes even more relevant given the large number of both contracting and full-time positions available.  There simply aren’t enough people to fill the demands of the industry, which for most […]

Simple NSURLConnection vs NSURLSession example – using Swift

Author: Eduardo Flores   This is a simple example of how to achieve the same simple GET call with (the “old”) NSURLConnection and the new NSURLSession. This project is now on Swift! (so 50% less code, and 200% more “Why??”s) This blog post is almost identical to the previous one I made on objective-c (link) […]

Scanning for Bluetooth Devices in Android

Author: Eduardo Flores In this post I’m going to outline how you can prompt the user to enable/turn on bluetooth in your Android device, how to show already paired bluetooth devices, and how to scan for new bluetooth devices in range. For this tutorial, you’ll need a physical Android device (I haven’t found a way […]

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