It Was You All Along: 3 Principles for Recognizing UX Talent

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It Was You All Along: 3 Principles for Recognizing UX Talent

By: Neal Jenks – Design Consultant and IxD Practice Manager at Software Technology Group You know the story: Boy meets Girl (or Girl meets Boy, Boy meets Boy, Girl meets Girl…), Girl falls for Boy, but Boy doesn’t fall for her because, in short, he’s an idiot. Maybe he’s blind, distracted, or both. He pursues someone […]

The Future of CSS – CSS GRID and Custom CSS Properties

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By Josh Porter Custom CSS Properties are now supported in all major browsers except IE 11. Custom CSS Properties used be called Native Browser Variables. They have since changed the name to distances the Custom Properties from SCSS variables. Lets dive in and see them in action.   SCSS vs. Custom Properties You can see […]

Adding Facebook login functionality to Angular2 and .Net Core

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Author: David Hales I recently was working on my personal blog site, and I wanted to enable users to log into Facebook, in order to access features of my site. After looking into multiple options, and playing around, I finally decided to use an Angular 2 wrapper around the Facebook Javascript SDK. I am doing two […]

Why Website Photography Matters

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Author: Geoffrey Sagers   When many companies create their first website, often they look to photography to “fill in” appropriate areas of the website, such as the header within the body. There are many quality stock photography websites, but in almost all cases, your images are not unique to your company or even industry.   So, […]

Style Guides

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Author: Daniel Jewel Recently, while working with a client on wrapping up the building of their version 2 UI, it became apparent that not everyone was on the same page on how things should look and behave. The initial re-design of the web app failed when it came to being responsive. There was also a […]

Our Favorite UI/UX Designs of 2015: A Thoroughly Informal and Awesome List

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Author: Neal Jenks Design Consultant | IxD Practice Manager   Ah, end-of-year: The time when a young man/woman’s fancy turns to lists. I asked Software Technology Group’s illustrious IxD Practice members to share some of their favorite UX/UI discoveries from the past year. What followed was an entertaining and instructive mixed-bag of websites, apps, and […]

2016 IxD Trends

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Author: Neal Jenks   Allow me to wax prophetic. A vibrant, waning year tends to open our imaginations to the unexplored horizons yet to come, and this is especially true of the IxD world.  If the past year has taught us anything, it is that we have absolutely no clue what to expect. But heck… […]

What the Heck is IxD, UX and UI?

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Author: Neal Jenks Design Consultant | IxD Practice Manager   There’s a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that perfectly encapsulates the IxD profession. Six-year-old Calvin is sporting a rather spiffing astronaut helmet and superhero cape. His mom asks, “What’s up today?” Calvin responds, “Nothing so far.” “‘So far’?” “Well you never know, something COULD happen […]

Web Design Concepts That Should Be Important To Your Business

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Author: Celestia Garner Web design is a very important part of our business. Although it takes a team of many individuals to make a great site, even with impeccable code, what people notice most are the user interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), both are components of design. This is what affects people the most […]