JWorks with Dynamic Caseflow Management

Where business intelligence meets court case management
And results in the most innovative case, incident, person and activity-centric information management solution available anywhere! Now that may be a pretty bold statement but JWorks is a pretty bold CMS.

From the ground up, JWorks has built-in efficiencies and core components that streamline processing and ‘serve up’ information as it’s needed. JWorks not only sets appropriate DCM tracks at case initiation, it monitors those tracks throughout case lifecycles, automatically adjusting case events and due dates and taking care to notify staff, agencies and participants along the way.

Case Assignment & Tracking
Automatically assign cases to tracks by case type and subtype.

Case Monitoring
Easily monitor case events and due dates and quickly adjust one, some or all cases on a track.

Role-based Assignment
Assign teams/staff to cases, events and activities according to their role.

Case Processing
Process just about everything ‘in bulk’ or individually.

Quick Access
Quickly access ‘anywhere’ components for queries, task monitoring and interacting with the dashboard.

Attach and retrieve documents and other media to cases and persons from just about anywhere in JWorks.