Davis County

Case Study

Davis County has been a PowerBuilder shop for many years. They began the process of trying to move over 200 applications from C# with Visual Studio. The ramp-up time for their team was slow and they missed some urgent deadlines. Hiring some outside help was an option, but they had trepidation. Their fear was if someone came in and wrote the software and then left, it would leave them with little or no knowledge as to how it was written. After meeting with the team from STG, our developers explained our model and calmed Davis County’s fears. STG recommended bringing on an expert, Dave Thresher.

Dave came in and helped them immediately get some quick apps out the door. He then spent the next few months training and working side by side with their programmers getting them up to speed. Dave was able to assess the current employees’ level of understanding and helping them grow from the level they currently were at.

Davis County was thrilled with Dave’s motivation and dedication to the project. If Dave saw anything that would work better or if they had a problem that they couldn’t figure out, Dave would go to work on his own and research solutions. Dave aided them in developing their own standards for programming and helping them find the correct tools to use.

Davis County has utilized Dave for over a year and a half. He has migrated from being the main man and training their staff to a team programmer allowing them to put their team in charge. Davis County is now back on schedule! STG was able to help them to get them on track, train their employees to be able to maintain what was built, and help with best practices.