Deer Valley Resort

Case Study

In 2011 Deer Valley Resort Management recognized the need for a full web site redesign. The inhouse web development team didn’t have the knowledge and skills to handle this demanding project on their own. STG was approached to work with Deer Valley to both rebuild the site and provide training and mentoring for the internal web development team. The Marketing team, an outside design agency, the internal development team worked together with a Senior Architect from STG to plan and implement the new website architecture and design using the Microsoft .net framework. The ski industry has many service providers who’ve developed solutions that work for a standard resort. But Deer Valley has unique customers with specific needs. An out of the box solutions was not capable of delivering the functionality and user experience that Deer Valley required.

The goals and timeline for completing the new website were ambitious and required working with a number of stakeholders within the company. The Lead Architect from STG managed the project from end-to-end while training and mentoring the in-house web development team. The new design has been tremendously successful. Revenue from the website has increased year over year. Guests can now access all retail aspects of the resort website through a single user profile. And the number of phone calls to the lodging reservation center have dropped significantly due to the easy to use rental property.

STG Team Deployment

Senior Architect


Microsoft .NET Framework