Graduation Alliance

Case Study

For the past several years, Graduation Alliance, an innovative company that works to give students of all ages the resources, support, and flexibility they need to reach their educational goals and prepare for what’s next, had outsourced their development efforts to a team in Romania. In April 2015, in order to improve the quality and maintenance of their code-base, to ensure that best practices were always followed, and to maintain the highest standards of development, the company made the decision to switch to an all in-house development team.

Graduation Alliance needed the transition to the in-house development team to happen quickly and without any significant hiccups or downtime. They had worked with STG on a couple of hires in the past, so they felt confident that STG could assist them with this challenging project.

With deep roots in the developer community, STG quickly found savvy developers with the technical expertise and absolute commitment to quality control necessary for this project. More importantly, STG went the extra mile to find developers with the cultural compatibility Graduation Alliance needed.

In a short period of time, STG used its expertise to help Graduation Alliance ramp up their in-house development team with six full-time employees and four additional contractors. Graduation Alliance no longer has to constantly worry about quality control issues and can now focus on making an excellent product.

“Building a team isn’t only about having the top developer out there, it’s about having someone that fits in with your team and the roles you want them to fill. STG understand this and often made recommendations that certain developers probably weren’t the best fit for us, even if they were smart developers.”

JC Tenney, CTO
Graduation Alliance