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Basic Multithreading in .NET

29 November 2017 Comments Off on Basic Multithreading in .NET .NET

By:¬†Jeremy Holley Multithreading is one of the more advanced ways of speeding up your applications. Most every developer will have to write a concurrent application sooner or later. In this part I will cover the basic techniques for multithreading such as signaling and accessing shared resources.   Basic Locking   Threading poses us with unique […]

Azure Service Bus Worker Role

27 February 2017 Comments Off on Azure Service Bus Worker Role .NET

Author: Jeremy Holley At a recent client, I was tasked with creating an Azure Queue Service bus. Setting up the queue itself is very easy using the Azure dashboard. Getting messages out of the queue is a bit more complicated. I decided to use the Worker Role for Azure Service Bus to accomplish the handling […]