How Your Company Can Benefit From Staff Augmentation

Author: Chick Lignell
staff augmentation for IT servicesRunning a successful business, keeping up with and beating the competition, meeting the needs of your customers and growing your business.  It’s overwhelming what it takes to run a successful business.  There are so many departments that need your attention and one of the most vital parts of any company is its IT department.
IT takes its fair share of the budget and it seems that IT and technical people are changing jobs more often than the people do who are in your other departments.  And the sheer volume of options available to you when it comes to technologies; what is right for your company and do you have the right people to make those technology succeed.
One of the options available in today’s market is staff augmentation.  In years past, staff augmentation was reserved mostly for human resources and sales departments but with the explosion of technologies there is a wealth of talented people who are available to companies that need that specialized skill.  The problem is, with technology changing so quickly, you may only need that person for less than a year.  Hiring someone that you know will not have a job in a year unless he or she learns a whole new skillset is an expensive way to run your business.  Staff augmentation can solve this issue.
There are many reputable companies that hire skilled technical people to work for them as consultants, working with and aiding their clients.  There are five major advantages to using the staff augmentation model.

  • Cost and time management
  • Flexibility in scale management
  • Access to distinctive skilled manpower
  • Reduction in overhead costs (insurance, perks, benefits, PTO, etc.)
  • Stability in organizational structure a

Staff augmentation gives you the ability to keep a stable IT organization that can expand and retract as your business and the market demands.  Giving you the option of picking from numerous resources to find the ones that have the exact skills that you need for the time you need them.  This gives you a leg up over the competition which is trying to meet the demands of the market with those they already have on staff or those who spend the weeks and sometimes months finding someone they can hire to do the work.
And the cost of staff augmentation is not as great as you might assume.  When you consider the real costs of an employee, with all the benefits and the time it takes to manage that individual, you will find that staff augmentation is an affordable way to stay ahead of the competition.
Contact your STG Account Manager to find out if staff augmentation could help solve any issues you might have and if STG is the right fit for you.
Author: Chick Lignell