Scripted Development

We strive to excel in the ever-changing landscape of scripted technologies, targeting a broad knowledge of evolving frameworks and languages.

Career Development Opportunities

We challenge all our employees to progress in their careers. STG offers incentives and guidelines for professional advancement that launch our employees to the top of their fields.

  • Career development plans (CDPs) with individualized goals, diverse specialties, and an emphasis on personal growth.
  • Support for continuing education in front-end, back-end, and innovative technologies.
  • Usage assessments of framework popularity designed to offer our developers a competitive advantage in the industry.
  • STG certifications that hone real-world job skills.

STG Proprietary Certifications

Our company’s certifications are gaining recognition throughout Utah’s technical community as an outstanding resource for guided learning and skill development. We offer the following scripted certifications:



(Full-Stack component)