Technology Consulting

From helping you to keep up with the latest trends, to understanding the gaps in your application; STG consultants will partner with you to make sure you have every tool at your disposal to get things done right.

Custom Development

STG will build a team of qualified software professionals who will get your project done on-time, on budget and beyond your expectations.

Staff Augmentation

Scale up and down with your staff needs with highly skilled and experienced software professionals who can start on your project right away. We can also help with your contract-to-hire or direct hire needs.

Core Practices

Our qualified and experienced team can help you with any project and ensure it gets done right.

Java Development

From backend to frontend Java development, our Java developers have all the technologies and tools to get whatever project you need completed.

Microsoft Practice

Our Microsoft team has all the skills, expertise and experience in all the Microsoft applications to help you with whatever your application needs.

Scripted Development

Whether you need help with HTML, JavaScript, React, Ruby, Python or more. Our Scripted practice has you covered with whatever frontend or scripting language you need.

User Experience

The User Experience team at STG has decades of experience helping to plan, design, and carry out finely crafted applications that will have users wanting more.

Mobile Development

The Mobile team at STG has the best team of mobile app developers ready to help you build whatever application is required.

Quality Assurance

The best QA’s in the world are those you can count on to meticulously ensure that your applications run smoothly. STG’s talented team of QA engineers are ready to help you ensure your project doesn’t bug you at all.

Cloud Solutions

Are you feeling in the fog about the cloud? STG’s specialized team of Cloud engineers are there to help you migrate your applications successfully to the Cloud and ensure you have the maintenance and support you need.

Product Delivery

Our team of Project Managers, Product Managers, Business Analysts and more are here to make sure your projects are completed successfully and on time.