Our Story

STG was founded to solve the juxtaposition that most developers are in. Developers must choose between a stable job where they work on the same application for years on end, or they become contractors where they get to grow quickly and have constant change. However, contracting is unstable when it comes to a steady income. The choice is difficult for most developers in the industry. At STG we want you to keep the things you love about development and get rid of the things you don't. Here you get the best of both worlds. STG does consulting, but does not have contract employees. We hire our own full time, salaried employees with full benefits. Our employees enjoy the fun of being on multiple projects and growing their skills, while having a very stable job.

When you add in the mentorship program, career development, variety of projects, paid overtime and all the other benefits of being at STG – it is clear why we have more than 50 employees with more than 5 years at our company! The family-oriented atmosphere and culture of growth and career development allows our employees to gain skills and use them to help others.