Why STG?

Who are we?

Software Technology Group (STG) is a software-consulting firm located in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  STG is a privately owned and operated company, which enables us to make decisions based on the needs of our employees and our clients, not those of shareholders. Founded 20 years ago, STG has maintained the goal to provide work/life balance along with training to help employees gain the skills they want to further their careers. STG’s core expertise include Java development, .NET development, scripted development, user experience design, mobile development and quality assurance.

Why are we different from other consulting companies?

Our consultants are full-time employees with Salary and Benefits! We always put our employees first. We want to make sure your career is headed in the direction you are most passionate and excited about!

The dreaded “BENCH”

A common fear among developers with consulting is “THE BENCH” DUN DUN DUNNN. No one wants to have a scary gap in their employment without benefits or income. STG did not like this part of consulting we wanted our employees to feel safe and secure in their jobs with us. The founder of our company Jeff Soderberg decided to change the game!
Software Technology Group’s consultants are FULL-TIME employees with salary and benefits. Once your project is up, we provide the opportunity to come work on site in our Dev Center.
During your time in the Dev Center, you are encouraged to work on your personal development, volunteer to help non-profit companies with their project needs, and work on expanding your skill-set.  Also, we provide you with a PluralSight license so you can take online courses. We pay for any job-related certifications you would like to get as well as the study materials that are needed.  A bonus is awarded for every certification you take and pass. We also have fantastic practice managers and leads who are here to mentor you. They provide projects for you to work on, allowing you to exercise and develop your skill-sets.
You get the awesome perks of working on new projects and with new technologies on different teams in a consulting role, along with the benefits of a full-time position! You never have to worry about being on the Bench again! Instead, you get to turn that time into investing in your career.


STG provides our employees with mentors, and development plan to cultivate their skills and achieve their career goals. We also provide ongoing career development and paid training for all employees. Our flexible schedules and open environment help facilitate growth and satisfaction. Those and many other reasons are why STG has been recognized as one of Utah’s Best Places to Work and we also recently won the “When Work Works Award.”

We put our employees first!

What are your career passions? Where do you want your career to go? Which skills do you want to improve? What types of projects interest you? Who do you want as a mentor? What kind of culture environment do you enjoy? What is important to you?
These are a few of the many thought-provoking questions we ask our consultants. Software Technology Group wants to make sure you’re working in an environment that’s best suited for you. If you’re excited to get up for work in the morning, we know we are doing our job correctly!

No Debt

Have you worked for a financially unstable company? Have you ever been affected by a company layoff due to company insolvency? YIKES! Not fun. Software Technology Group has been a profitable company for 20 years and 100% debt free for 12 years.


    • Gym usage reimbursement
    • Certification reimbursement
    • Bonus for every certification you pass.
    • Paid overtime
  • PTO (cash out PTO at any time)  

To apply please send your resume to jobs@stgconsulting.com

Software Technology is an Equal Opportunity Employer; no applicant for employment with Software Technology Group shall be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, age, reprisal for engaging in anti-discrimination activities, protected genetic information, sexual orientation or parental status.