Product Delivery

Deliver Exceptional Products From The Start

Software that wows your customers requires meticulous planning and careful delivery. This isn’t an easy task — many companies struggle to deliver results on time, develop a system that doesn’t meet their customers’ needs, or fall short on marketing goals. To reduce the stress of these types of projects, our team of product delivery consultants provides established technical solutions. Using proven processes, we manage the scope, schedule, risks, communication, and budget of your project throughout the software development lifecycle. Decades of experience in software development have allowed us to successfully assist in the discovery, design, development, testing, and deployment of high-level products. Our product delivery expertise saves you time, money, and energy, ensuring success for your next software product.

A Varied Team of Professionals

Our consultants support multiple methodologies and frameworks for product management, from traditional methods to Agile and hybrid approaches. Our team consists of professionals that excel in every stage of the product delivery process, ensuring a smooth transition from one stage to the next. Some of the roles our consultants cover include:

  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence
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Our Approach to Product Delivery

Our product delivery services include custom product development, product delivery consulting, and staff augmentation. How we best serve you will depend on the type of product you wish to develop, the size of your team, and other factors. Every project we take on follows an established process.

STG Process

Project Discovery

During an initial discovery meeting, we will discuss your goals for your product and analyze your business processes, market trends, and user needs. With this information, we can better decide how to transform your desired product into a viable project.

Evaluate & Define

Once we have a general understanding of your needs, our team will work with you to distinguish the project scope and objectives, define a set of deliverables, and decide on a timeline. You’ll be assigned a product manager as your main point of contact throughout the project, ensuring you’re up to speed.

Design & Development

Our product design process is centered on data to ensure we develop flexible, responsive, and relevant software. From functionality and security to speed and appearance, our design team will work together to create a product you can be proud to deliver to eager customers.

Testing & Deployment

Testing is the next stage in the product development process. After we build your software, we run various tests to ensure optimal functionality and prevent errors. Our team takes pride in their work and never deploys software until the client is satisfied with the result.

Support & Maintenance

Once your product is completed and delivered to your customers, our team will continue to support its success with monitoring and maintenance. Our support team provides ongoing analysis and improvements to ensure your software remains relevant.

Let’s Talk

We’re excited to learn about your project and provide you with proven solutions.