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18 March 2020 Sebo Marketing Comments Off on App Development In Utah Blog

Utah is certainly not a Silicon Valley-esque destination or technological innovation hub, but you’d be surprised at what this small and unlikely location has offered to the tech world. Back in 2001, the Manifesto for Agile Software Development was formed by seventeen developers at a resort in Snowbird, Utah. While an unlikely location for a software development revolution, Agile software development is known across the world and has formed the basis of many different iterative and incremental development processes.

These roots have given Utah a surprising history when it comes to app development. As a state that is known for having a rebellious attitude towards computer science and software development, many Utah-based app development companies have paved the way forward for the rest of the country.

Micro Focus

Perhaps one of the oldest app development companies in Utah is Micro Focus. Originally founded in 1976 in Newbury in the United Kingdom, Micro Focus became a multinational software and information technology business that eventually expanded into Utah as the app development was starting to grow as a business venture.

The original Micro Focus building in Utah was actually acquired by the company in 2014. Before, it was known as Novell, Inc, a software and services company. The company focused on innovating the growing app development market, and these services continued even once it was acquired by Micro Focus

Crexendo Business Solutions

Founded in 1995, Crexendo was originally a full-service telecoms provider that eventually branched out into cloud telephone and also mobile app development for their clients. Their services were designed to help businesses be more efficient with their telecom services, giving them affordable monthly rates that were lower than most other telecom providers. Today, the company provides a range of mobile app development services that are targeted towards eCommerce companies.


SolutionStream is a Utah-based software development agency that has been around since 1996, providing end-to-end solutions for clients. They’ve worked with a full range of businesses such as Fortune 500 companies and smaller startups in need of small-scale app development and deployment.

Today, the company still focuses on premiere custom software thanks to the tremendous number of talented developers and software engineers that come to Utah. Whether it’s modernizing a business or creating apps with a marketing focus, SolutionStream has continued to provide an outstanding level of service to businesses and individuals around Utah.

Software Technology Group

Software Technology Group, or STG, is a software development team based in Salt Lake City, Utah. STG is a privately-owned and operated company, allowing them to make decisions based on the needs of the company and its employees. They have operated this way since being established in 1996, choosing freedom over the safety of shareholder investment.

Today, Software Technology Group has become one of the most well-known app development companies in Utah, ensuring an outstanding level of quality for all of their clients and providing bespoke solutions throughout the software development cycle. The company continues to stand out as a business that focuses on its customers instead of driving shareholder profits, giving it an excellent reputation that has been sustained over the years.