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We understand the anxiety you feel about getting your technology strategy right, and the demands to deliver real results.

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As a Fractional CTO, we handle

Strategic Planning + Innovation

Guiding long-term technology vision to align with organizational goals and objectives.

Team Leadership

Inspiring and managing a high-performing team for effective technology development.

Resource Planning

Driving creativity and fostering innovation to stay ahead in technology advancements.

Delivery Leadership

We are delivery experts. There is no Easy Button to ensure delivery. Our track record of success is the best predictor of how STG will delivery for you.

Collaboration + Communication

Facilitating effective communication between technology teams and other departments.

Functioning Technology Decision Framework

A well functioning decision framework will create order and allow your technology decisions to be made in the right way.

Using The STG Strategic Technology Framework®, your Fractional CTO will help you and the rest of your executive team understand and optimize your technology landscape for overall efficiency and growth.

Our Proven Approach

You talk, we listen

We actively listen with the intent to truly understand your unique needs, challenges, and opportunities. Central to our approach is a deep commitment to your success, driving us to provide tailored recommendations that will truly make a difference.

Custom tailored
technology plan

Our recommendations are not just tech-focused; they include are holistic and people-focused, outcome-driven, and ethical. Our history speaks volumes about how help businesses flourish by leveraging technology in the right way.

Engage, deliver, and grow

We have a proven track record of delivery. We will work side-by-side with as your partner every step of the way. The results will speak for themselves as you grow and enjoy the technology solutions that will propel you forward.

Strength in Independence

We put our clients’ interests first and always, just like a fiduciary in the financial industry. We will advise and manage your technology landscape in a way that always places your interests and benefits before our own. We have no partnerships, so there are never any conflicts of interest for our advisors. We are a truly independent Strategic Technology Company.