Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cut through the AI Hype and ride the coming wave. 

Get real value out of the array of opportunities found in the ever-expanding world of Artificial Intelligence while avoiding the risks and waste associated with unfulfilled promises.

STG is a Premier AI Strategic Business and Technology partner

Here is how we have helped other companies with our AI services:

Helped a wellness firm
increase outreach revenue generation by:

Helped a services organization reduce over-burned projects from 41% to:

Helped a SaaS operations team reduce company outage response times by:

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Our AI Focused Services

Development and Machine Learning Engineering Resources

Augment your team with ML engineering or AI-integration expertise OR delegate your entire AI project to STG.

Code Assistant Integration Services

STG helps you leverage AI powered development frameworks like github copilot, Amazon Q, and Microsoft AutoGen—with a focus on privacy.

Hire a team of lightning fast Artificial Intelligence application developers

Recognizing the uniqueness of your challenges, our solutions are meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly into the fabric of your organization, ensuring a perfect match for your specific needs.

Executive Personal AI Assistants

Super-fast development all for the cost of off-shore resources. Fractional software engineers who manage multi-agent teams, automated code development, testing, and deployment.