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Count on our trusted professionals for your next .NET project

Our team of trusted .NET developers consists of .NET architects, API experts, and professional consultants. With decades of combined experience, knowledge, and expertise, we can design, develop, and deploy the solution you need for web, mobile, cloud, and more. We handle all Microsoft technologies, including custom development using .NET Core and the .NET Framework’s various technologies. Proficiency in .NET programming languages, APIs, tools, and libraries allows our team to develop products that are creative and agile. No matter your needs, we can help you find a Microsoft-based technology solution that is robust, secure, and flexible.

Variety Of Services

To meet the unique needs of our clients, we offer a variety of services. Smaller projects can be handled by our custom development team. Our talented consultants can coach your team through larger-scale projects, or we can provide you with your own dedicated .NET development team that will support your team from day one to project launch. Contact us now to discover what is the right solution for you.

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Hire Established .NET Developers

Have you been searching for talented .NET developers near you to hire for your next big project? Look no further. Our Microsoft Practice covers .NET development and all its intricate technologies, allowing our team to create beautiful, responsive, and flexible solutions for any web, mobile, or cloud-based project. Read below for the steps we follow when embarking on a .NET development project.

STG Process

Project Discovery

After meeting with our .NET experts, we will help you decide whether your project requires custom development, consultation and coaching, or team augmentation. We will strategize the right solution, ensuring we meet your unique needs.

Evaluate & Define

The next step is to break your project into definable timelines and deliverables. We will outline each phase and communicate with you along the way so you’re always aware of the project’s progress. This part of the process is where we determine your needs for design, security, user experience, and more.

Design & Development

With Microsoft technologies, we can build any solution that you need. Once the project is in motion, our team will bring their various skill sets to the table to develop your desired project. We cover mobile, front end, back end, cloud, IoT, and everything in between. We can also build using popular JavaScript frameworks on the front end, and we run our projects with the latest tools available.

Testing & Deployment

Once completed, your project will go through a testing stage to ensure everything is working smoothly. We take our work very seriously and never launch a project until our client is satisfied. Once you give us the ok, we are done! Your project is a success.

Support & Maintenance

To ensure your project remains relevant, our team will continue to maintain it long after launch. We promise to ensure optimal usability and scalability so you can have a lifetime solution. We will also be here to support you if any questions or concerns ever come up along the way.

Let’s Talk

We’re excited to learn about your project and provide you with proven solutions.