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Launching a new software? Save time and money with quality assurance consulting. Our team of software consultants ensures that your product is secure, functional, and up to your set standards so you can wow your customers upon deployment. Hiring a trusted quality assurance company is the best way to prevent errors and complications during a software launch.

The Highest Standards

Our team stands ready to help at every stage of the software development lifecycle. We recognize that every client, every product, and every development team is unique, and we take our time to understand your needs. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our team promises exceptional results and customized solutions.

We deliver the best experience possible for your project by implementing the following techniques:

  • Auditing
  • Reviewing
  • Code Inspection
  • Design Inspection
  • Simulation
  • Standardization
  • Static Analysis
  • Functional Reviews
  • Stress Reviews
  • Peer Review
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Your Software Quality Assurance Action Plan

If you are looking for a QA outsource company for your next software project, you can count on STG Consulting. Our QA consultants work directly with your development team for clear communication and effective results. We take pride in providing solutions for secure, efficient, and error-free software.

STG Process

Project Discovery

During the initial discovery meeting, we will connect with your development team to understand your project and the standards you wish to meet upon deployment. Our goal is to reduce potential setbacks and the stress, time, and money associated with them. Together we will build a clear understanding of your goals, user needs, potential problems, and other specifications to ensure smooth sailing from the start.

Evaluate & Define

The next step is to set a Quality Assurance Plan that defines every process of our QA services. It will be customized to your needs and include the essential tools, procedures, and techniques for success. We will cover the purpose; references; software configuration management; problem reporting and corrective action; tools, technologies, and processes; code control; records; and testing methodology.

Design & Development

Our QA consultants work alongside your design and development teams at every step. We catch problems as the project progresses so the solutions can be incorporated from the get-go, ensuring success when the project is finalized. Agreed upon checkpoints will be met with data, corrective solutions, and quality evaluations.

Testing & Deployment

Testing occurs at every stage of the project to ensure clean code, smooth operations, and functional design. Testing only at the completion of a project means time and money wasted on addressing multiple errors. When you work with our QA consultants, there will be no errors to fix when you are ready to launch. Our team will support your project deployment to ensure successful delivery.

Support & Maintenance

After you launch your software, our support team is available for ongoing maintenance. We keep records of the quality assurance process and reports of all errors and corrections for your future reference. Our team takes pride in their work and promises flexible solutions that last a lifetime.

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