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Create Striking Products With The STG UI/UX Team

Highly Talented Designers with Deep Industry Expertise

Our UI and UX developers are highly talented designers with deep expertise across various industries. With diverse client experience—from boutique design shops to digital agency enterprises—our UI/UX design team boasts an impressive portfolio. Our developers are excellent designers who leverage their experience, connections, and research for every project they take on. Your goal is satisfaction for your end user; our team will deliver a beautiful, responsive, lightning-fast solution.

The Beauty of Design

Intelligent UI/UX design is rooted in creative thinking. Our innovative designers collaborate across disciplines to develop a flawless interface for your webpage, application, or software. From visual design to ease of use, we promise a beautiful outcome.

Design Projects STG Can Assist With

  • Interaction Design
  • User interface design
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • App design
  • Mobile design
  • Responsive design
  • Microinteractions
  • Motion design
  • Platform-specific design (Android Material, Apple HIG, etc.)
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization
  • Inclusive design
  • Visual design
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • High-fidelity comping
  • Section 508, WCAG and ADA compliance
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“We reached out to STG to obtain talent to augment our software engineering team with more horsepower… Our latest version of OptConnect Summit 3.0 will enable us to do far more than we’ve ever done before.”

A Full Suite of UX/UI Offerings

If you are looking for talented UI/UX developers near you, STG Consulting is the technology expert you can count on. Whether you are creating a new product from scratch or need to update an existing product, our designers can help bring your project to fruition. We offer custom development, design consultation, and team augmentation.

STG Process

Project Discovery

The first step of any project is an initial discovery meeting, where we strive to understand your business goals, user needs, the cost of the problem, and constraints from the start. We take the time to understand your frustrations from the beginning so we can avoid interruptions later on. Together we will strategize the best solution for your project.

Evaluate & Define

We will build a shared understanding of your needs by clearly defining the scope and goals of your project. A clear definition of the project’s scope and objectives gives our team focus and context, allowing us to produce timely, relevant results. We will discuss your needs for design, experience, security, responsiveness, and more to evaluate possible solutions.

Design & Development

Once the design process begins, our whole team generates ideas on how to best accomplish project goals. Design workshops, sample artifacts, test findings, and similar activities guide our process as we shift from design to creation. Each product version is developed in a measurable way and tested with users in mind.

Testing & Deployment

Once we have finalized your design, we will run final tests to ensure optimal functionality. And then you are ready to launch your new product! Our designers take pride in their work and will never agree to launch unless the client is satisfied with the end product. Expect no less than maximum efficiency and flawless visuals.

Support & Maintenance

After your project is completed, our team is available for ongoing maintenance and support. We can assist with improvements, marketing, product management, analysis, and updates. We promise lifetime solutions and stand by our work by delivering flexible and adaptable designs.

Let’s Talk

We’re excited to learn about your project and provide you with proven solutions.