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Web Design Concepts That Should Be Important To Your Business

26 March 2015 0 Comments

Author: Celestia Garner Web design is a very important part of our business. Although it takes a team of many individuals to make a great site, even with impeccable code, what people notice most are the user interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), both are components of design. This is what affects people the most […]

4 Simple Reasons Why Your Company Must Have A Blog

26 March 2015 0 Comments

Author: Ray Hunter In my 15 years of IT experience, including IT consulting, I’ve set up and monitored many blogs for various companies. I’ve also spent a lot of my time helping companies identify the wrong reasons for having a blog, from technology to social. Companies tend to focus on generating traffic and SEO rankings, […]

Five Issues Faced By Large IT Organizations

17 March 2015 0 Comments

It is common to read articles and posts which say that the issues that organizations face when developing software are bigger than ever before. However, in many ways we face many of the same issues now as those that were common in 1975 when Fred Brooks wrote his famous essay on issues facing software development […]