Mobile App Development in Salt Lake City

Mobile app development in Salt Lake City is a rapidly growing field due to Utah’s strong background in the technology industry. Nearly 20 years ago, a group of 17 software developers met at Snowbird Resort and signed the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, laying the foundation for a tech boom in the last two decades. 
The stretch of land beside I-15, once largely undeveloped, is now home to many of the thousands of tech and start-up companies in Utah, earning it the nickname “Silicon Slopes.” Various start-ups have emerged from what was once farmland, nurturing technology leaders and developers as well as transforming the landscape to the now highly recognizable sea of buildings that comprises Silicon Slopes.

Software Technology Group’s Beginning

However, before the flood of tech companies, before the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, Jeff Sodeberg and his wife Camille started Software Technology Group (STG) at their kitchen table in 1996. 
STG takes a different approach because while Jeff began his career in software development, he fell in love with the business aspect of the work, even going back to school to earn a Master’s degree in business. His early career experiences inspired him to combine what he enjoyed about software development with a business model that maximized professional development for employees along with talent and skill for clients. Now, nearly 30 years later, STG employs over 200 people and is at the forefront of the technology scene and mobile app development in Salt Lake City.

How STG Leads Mobile App Development in Salt Lake City

STG’s edge all comes back to our unique model: The company matches clients with app developers to complete projects. Depending on the need of the client, developers may work with the client’s pre-existing team to bring in new ideas and provide support or a team of STG developers may take full responsibility for the project. No matter the team structure, this approach leads to some of the best mobile app development solutions in Utah.
With STG, any client can count on a deep well of knowledge and creative solutions because the STG team has seen projects across a broad range of industries, technologies, and project types and we bring all of that experience to bear no matter the project. We also prioritize professional growth for our developers between projects to ensure they can always bring their best. When clients choose to work with STG, they gain access to the knowledge and expertise we’ve been building for decades.
With this broad scope of experience gained by working with a diverse range of clients, STG has a unique view into the industry trends, which allows us to steer clients toward technologies that will work for the long-term. We’ve experienced the ups and downs of the field and have seen what works and what doesn’t. Because of this, STG provides powerful perspectives and skilled service delivery, driving app development in Salt Lake City that is both functional for the client as well as fresh and interesting for the developers. Our model provides strong benefits to all participants in a project, both the client and the employee.Areas of STG Expertise
Regardless of the scope of the project, STG provides clients and team members the tools to solve problems and provide unique perspectives. With a wide variety of practices, STG offers focused expertise to many areas of app development in UtahWe emphasize full-stack development, which includes front-end, business logic, and database functionality along with developer certifications in Java Spring REST, React (full-stack component), and Angular (full-stack component).STG developers are current with Microsoft technologies, including .Net Core, .Net Framework, Azure, and cloud services. Certifications are offered in Azure Fundamentals, with forthcoming additional certifications in Azure Intermediate and .Net Core.Scripted development is a rapidly changing field, and STG works to lead app development in Utah with a focus on these evolving practices. Certifications offered include React and Angular (full-stack component), with additional certifications in Vue and Express coming soon.STG is passionate about user-centered software. Developers work to make programs profitable, accessible, and effectively designed. Certifications include UX Master, Front End Coding, and Certified PortfolioSTG has an exclusive team dedicated to producing software for iOS and Android applications. Certifications include iOS Level 1, with Android Level 1 coming soon.STG uses both scripted and automated technologies to achieve the quality expected of app development leaders in Utah. Certifications are offered in Python / Webdriver / Unittest, Node / Webdriver / Mocha / Chai, and Java / Webdriver / TestNG at both the associate engineer and solution engineer levels.

Benefits to Clients

STG’s leadership in the Salt Lake City technology space, both in mobile app development and beyond, offers a number of benefits to clients.
Broad Experience & Unique Perspectives
STG clients have the unique opportunity to pull from a pool of developers with broad experience. Because STG works on projects across a wide variety of industries and technologies, developers have a deep well of knowledge to draw from as well as unique and varied perspectives as they seek innovative solutions. The STG model promotes creativity and ingenuity, preventing companies from getting stuck in the rut of doing things the same old way and keeping clients ahead of technology trends.The Best Developers
Within the technology space it’s all too easy for developers to get comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done. STG makes sure to shake it up with ongoing professional development for team members to ensure clients always get cutting-edge expertise from STG. Between projects, STG employees spend time in the Development Center, learning new technologies, practicing new skills, and applying new thought processes. This is an STG priority because the more experience a developer has, the more perspective and talent they bring to solving clients’ unique issues.Varied Teams & Consistent Resources 
Teams can be built or supplemented depending on clients’ needs. STG offers developers along with project managers, business analysts, quality assurance providers, and user experience professionals. Whether clients need only one or two team members to supplement their own teams or whether they need to build a team from the ground up, STG can assign people with the skill set that exactly matches the need. And if a client is particularly impressed by a developer, they’re welcome to request a certain team member on future projects! STG employees are always learning and growing, and each additional project adds another layer to their expertise, resulting in multi-faceted, qualified professionals to help clients succeed no matter the project.
Broad experience, a focus on professional development, and consistency due to employee retention all make STG an attractive choice for any Utah company’s app development needs.
If you’re interested in having STG help you on a project, schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. After we’re clear on exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll be paired with the team that will be the best fit for your project—along with the assurance that you’re working with the top talent in the field. Interested? Contact STG for additional information.

Benefits to Job-Seekers

In addition to being a leader in mobile app development for clients, STG also appeals to those looking to build their careers—as attested by our long-term employees who stick with us year after year in an industry notorious for short employee tenure. Here’s why:
Project Variety with Job Stability
All too often developers get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out. In all honesty, it’s a large driver of the frequent job hopping we see in the tech space—which means that if professionals can enjoy project variety without requiring a job change, you’re approaching the holy grail of tech jobs. STG offers just that with the opportunity to work on projects across industries and companies, giving employees the experience needed to become leaders in app development in Salt Lake City and beyond. And professional opportunities don’t end at work experience. The time spent in the Development Center makes it easy for developers to stay relevant, grow their expertise, and avoid getting pigeonholed in a particular niche. Professional Development
STG provides our software developers with unique opportunities for professional development, going above and beyond standard work experience. Typical projects last about 12-18 months, and there is often a little bit of time in between wrapping up a project and starting a new one. We’ve solved this problem by shifting our developers to the Development Center when a project ends. The Development Center provides the opportunity to focus on building skills that support the employees’ passions and career goals, as well as the chance to apply these new skills through pro-bono work for non-profit organizations such as The Road Home, an organization helping individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the greater Salt Lake area, and Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill animal rescue. The combination of practicing new skills and serving charitable causes in the Development Center empowers STG developers to reach pinnacle levels of expertise, which in turn benefits clients. Mentorship Opportunities
All STG employees are vetted through a thorough hiring process, including a screening interview over the phone, face-to-face interview, technical proficiency test, and reference checks. As a company that prides itself on a long history of meeting Salt Lake City’s app development needs, STG is committed to hiring only the best—individuals who are passionate about software, committed to their own professional development, and creative in finding solutions. STG takes that one level further by providing mentorship opportunities for newer developers to ensure the very best results for everyone involved. In this program, veteran employees and career guides help direct new employees down the path that will lead to the fulfillment of their career goals. This shared knowledge escalates the talent each developer brings to the table, helping build their confidence and capability. The engagement and fulfillment on the part of the employees leads to client satisfaction—two primary goals of the company that work hand-in-hand. Are you looking to be a leader in mobile app development in Utah? Contact STG for more information about careers.A History of Leadership
STG’s decades of experience in Salt Lake City’s technology industry makes them a clear leader of mobile app development in Utah. Clients are satisfied with their experienced developers and innovative results, while employees are consistently gaining new skills and broadening their expertise—all clear signs that STG will continue to contribute to app development in Salt Lake City as a major player in the industry.