Tech Companies in Salt Lake City

Situated in the heart of Salt Lake City, STG Consulting offers a variety of tech services. With six core areas, STG Consulting offers every aspect of java development, .NET development, quality assurance, mobile development, user experience, and scripted development.

Our in-house team is capable of building end-to-end solutions and advanced, web apps, desktop applications and mobile applications. Working with clients across all industries, STG Consulting routinely creates bespoke systems and applications to enhance business functionality.

With an emphasis on cloud-first architecture, STG Consulting has been integral in helping Utah’s businesses switch to new data management, storage, and connectivity models. Aiming to provide practical solutions to the issues companies face, STG Consulting provide cost-effective options to firms of all sizes. With such a stellar reputation, it’s no surprise we’re one of the best-known Salt Lake City tech companies.

As well as focusing on six core areas, STG offers a variety of other tech services too. From project management and technical writing to DevOps and business analysis, they have experienced consultants to assist with any technological issue.

While STG Consulting provides an all-round service to companies that don’t have their own in-house tech team, we also offer support to businesses with their own tech departments. If a firm requires extra manpower or team leadership, for example, STG’s consultants are ready to provide the appropriate amount of assistance, as and when it’s required.

Furthermore, STG helps Utah’s businesses to find the talent and skill they need when they’re hiring their own tech staff. For firms that want to recruit tech personnel, STG offers a complete tech recruiting service. From working with you to establish exactly which skills you need to determine where to advertise and who to hire, STG Consulting will make sure you’ve got the tech support you need.

As one of the leading Salt Lake City tech companies, STG Consulting is a critical part of the City’s future. As well as introducing new technologies to companies in the area, STG ensures businesses in Utah can benefit from the latest developments and compete on a global scale.

Eastwind Networks, Inc.

Developing effective network breach detection systems, Eastwind Networks, Inc. is a crucial player in the Salt Lake City tech scene. Founded in 2013 and routinely cited as one of the most exciting startups in the City, Eastwind is constantly finding new ways of improving online security.

Their cloud-based platforms are generally available to customers on a SaaS basis and are used to highlight potential security breaches and online safety concerns. With the ability to identify an anomalous flow of traffic, their advanced systems are offering increased security to businesses all over the world.


A global web-based learning developer, Instructure delivers a variety of learning platforms to numerous industries. As well as enhancing the education sector worldwide, Instructure creates bespoke learning management platforms for companies, brands, and businesses.
With headquarters in Salt Lake City, their innovative solutions are changing the way the world learns. Ensuring clients have access to workable learning solutions, their SaaS platforms provide budget-friendly options for educators, SMEs, and corporations across the world.